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Best Wedding Photographer in Kolkata - Tips, Style & Price

If you are looking for the Best Wedding Photographer in Kolkata, and you can also check out prices, tips, and styles for your special day.

However, several renowned and talented Wedding Photographers in Kolkata are known for capturing timeless moments. Their team of professional photographers are skilled in both candid and traditional photography, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding is captured beautifully.

Wedding Photographers in Kolkata bring a unique perspective to every wedding they capture, utilizing their skills to showcase the traditions and customs that make each wedding special. These photographers capture the moments, emotions, and feelings that make a wedding day truly unforgettable.

Styles of Wedding Photography in Kolkata

Choosing the style of Wedding Photographer in Kolkata is indeed something recommended doing even before approaching your prospective wedding photographers. This is because, once you have decided on the photography style you would like to incorporate on your special day, you can always go searching for professionals who do them. Here are some famous photography styles chosen by wedding photographers in Kolkata:

  • Traditional Wedding Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Candid Photography for Wedding 
  • Natural Photography for Wedding
  • Aesthetic Wedding Photography

Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Photographer

  • Do your research
  • Hire a true professional
  • Check credentials
  • Read reviews and talk to former clients
  • Find someone whose style you love
  • Interview the photographer and test your comfort level
  • Focus on the photographer’s specialty
  • Ask about the editing process
  • Check the fees
  • Find the perfect location
  • Wedding photography

Pricing and Packages for Wedding Photography in Kolkata

Our classic wedding photography package starts at around Rs 50,000 while our pre-wedding photography packages start approximately at Rs 25,000. Our cinematic videos can cost you Rs. 80,000 on an average.

The cost of a pre-wedding photo shoot in Kolkata can vary depending on the photographer and package, but it typically ranges from ₹15,000 to ₹50,000.

  • Prioritize Your Needs: Decide what aspects of photography are most important to you.
  • Seasonal Discounts: Consider a wedding in the off-season or on weekdays for potential discounts.
  • Local Talent: Hiring photographers from your locality can reduce travel and accommodation expenses.


Wedding Photographer in Kolkata is an art form that captures the memories of one of the most important days in a couple’s life. Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer has many benefits, including attention to detail, quality equipment, unlimited shot options, and timeless images. A pre-wedding photoshoot allows you to create a story with your photos. You can choose a theme, location, or activity that reflects your relationship and tell a unique story through your photos.

Wedding photography is one of the most demanding and challenging types of photography, and being a wedding Jeet Photography photographer in Kolkata is no exception. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and creativity to capture the perfect moments and memories of a couple’s special day.